More Temperate Palms - continued
Dwarf palmetto     (Sabal minor)  
This palm is commonly known as sabal minor. A shrub-sized palm with bluish leaves, growing four to six feet tall and wide. Can be used as a specimen, or tall groundcover. The seed will attract birds. Grows in sun or light shade, with fastest growth in sun.  Origin: A native palm from North Carolina to Florida and Texas, extending inland to central Georgia, northeastern Alabama and southeastern Oklahoma. The most widely-distributed palm in the Southeast. Hardiness: -5°F. Will grow anywhere in the Southeast
Some of my palms growing in Fayetteville,TN

I am growing the 3 palms discussed earlier  -  Windmills, Needles, and Sabal Minors.
Plus, I am also growing some other palms that are cold hardy and suitable for the Southeast, but may require some protection at times of severe cold (< 15 deg F).  I show some of these for encouragement to plant lovers, but folks who are really busy and not willing to do a little extra during the winter should stick to the main 3 cold hardy palms already discussed. At a future date, I will add more information on the other cold hardy palms including: sabal palmetto, jelly, sago, California fan, Mexican fan, Chilean wine, Canary Island Date, and others. I also plan to add some “before and after” photos showing the growth and progress. 

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Custom tropical-look landscaping for Middle Tennessee and the Huntsville /  North Alabama area.
David's Tennessee Palms

         Sabal Minor Palm

Sago palm (cycas revolutia), actually a cycad and not a true palm, but it looks like a palm.
Sabal minor Palm  in Anderson, SC cemetery
Windmill palms waiting on new owners.
          pindo palm (jelly palm) ----  
shown after a heavy frost (indicating cold hardiness) A cold hardy palm, but not usually recommended for beginners in our area. The fruit makes really good jelly - hence the name of this palm
Windmill palm sizes available -    
    Left to Right -- 15 gal ,  5 gal ,  30 gal, and  7 gal sizes----                      cash & carry

I also grow citrus in my greenhouses. These are Nagami Kumquats.
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